Congratulations to the newly elected SPFN Chair and the new SPFN steering committee (SC). Please join me in wishing them every success.

Many thanks indeed to the previous SC for their tremendous efforts over the last 4 years (or so).

Welcome To the Scottish Pelvic Floor Network (SPFN)

The SPFN was founded in 2008 by Dr (s) Mohamed Abdel-Fattah & Ian Ramsay as multidisciplinary and multi-professional network of consultants, nurses, physiotherapists and researchers who are based in Scotland and are interested in pelvic floor disorders in women.

The objectives of the SPFN are fourfold fold: (a) to act as conduit for clinical exchange of experience; (b) to support and orchestrate collaborative research between different specialities such as urology, gynaecology and colo-rectal; (C) to support the clinical professional development for the members and lastly (d) to provide high quality medical education.

Since 2008 the SPFN has grown from strength to strength with a number of educational courses, meetings and research projects as detailed in the various sections of the website.

Dr M Abdel-fattah

Previous Chairman Scottish Pelvic Floor Network (SPFN)